local law 87

What is Local Law 87 ?

The law applies to all NYC buildings over 50,000 square feet and requires a professional energy assessment of the property as well as a “tune up” of its base systems. Penalties for non-compliance are substantial and will range anywhere from $3000 to $5000 for every year that this assessment is not conducted.

When should I start considering Local Law 87?

It depends on the last digit of your tax block number. Those buildings with tax block numbers ending in three are required to file an energy efficiency and retro-commissioning report by the end of 2013, those ending in four are required to file by the end of 2014, and so on. The exact schedule is shown below:

How often do I have to do this?

Once every ten years. Once you have complied, you do not have to do anything again for another ten years.

What is Energy Audit?

An energy audit details a building’s energy usage, identifies the systems responsible for this energy usage (lighting, heating, etc), and proposes ways to reduce this energy usage.

Can I comply early?

In 2013, the law’s first year in existence, buildings were allowed to comply early regardless of their designated compliance year. This option is no longer available. Buildings CAN undergo the required energy and retro-commissioning assessment early provided it is no more than four (4) years prior to designated compliance year, HOWEVER, unlike in 2013, the building cannot actually file the associated Department of Buildings paperwork until its designated year.